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Ceci n'est pas une NPR

Not All Public Radio is NPR

As This American Life’s Seth Linn explains, “NPR is the Kleenex of public radio brands.” Just like how you might ask for Kleenex, no matter what brand logo is on the tissue box, or ask for a Coke when you just want a soft drink, many listeners simply think all public radio is NPR. The […]

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The Current Beer

Minnesota Public Radio Station “The Current” Launches a Beer

Back in 2011, Radio Survivor’s Paul Riismandel asked the question, “Does Your Radio Station Have Its Own Beer?” After discovering a vintage co-branded beer can, he wondered why a community station today didn’t team up with a local craft brewery. Flash forward to 2014 and Minnesota Public Radio station “The Current” has announced that it […]

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The decade’s most important radio trends #11: Cash-strapped schools turn their backs on college radio

As the decade draws to a close, economic woes are a resounding theme in the radio world, especially in the non-profit realm of college radio. Universities are as strapped for cash as anyone else and are on the lookout for ways to cut costs. Increasingly these budget-cutting eyes are fixated on college radio, which has […]

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