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New York World's Fair Radio in "On the Radio" exhibit at SFO Museum. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: First University Station in the World? and More News

Each week seems to bring a new college radio “first” claim for me to obsess over. Latin American radio scholar Christine Ehrick (don’t miss her appearance on the Radio Survivor podcast, in which she schools us about the hidden history of a female-focused pioneering radio station in Uruguay) writes, “the station at the National University […]

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vintage photos at college radio station Radio K. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: Longest Running College Radio Station Quest and More News

My radio station tours resumed this week with a report on my trip to Bellevue College’s community-public radio station KBCS-FM in Bellevue, Washington. Although the station was launched by students who staged a protest in order to get the administration on board; these days there isn’t much of a student presence. It’s another example of […]

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Trophy case at college radio station WONC, with plaques and trophies

College Radio Watch: First Station?, Awards and Harvard Hubbub

College radio has garnered much news in the past few weeks thanks to a plethora of student media awards being presented by various organizations. It’s another reminder that awards can be a great reason to spread the word about college radio’s excellent work and pick up some media attention in the process. Two New College […]

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Vintage console at college radio station WMWC. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: Was WBWC the First Student-Operated Radio Station? Plus More News

College radio history is near and dear to my heart and I appreciate it when stations celebrate their origin stories. With many stations purporting to be the “first” at this or that, I’m always eager to dive into long-lost documents in order to sleuth out the veracity of station lore. As any historian or journalist […]

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