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Apple Ends Free iTunes Radio – Not All Curation Is Created Equal

On Friday Apple sent an email to iTunes Radio listeners announcing that the free ad-supported version of the service will shut down January 29. Thereafter iTunes Radio will only be available to Apple Music subscribers, without any advertising. Beats 1 Radio will remain Apple’s only non-subscription music service. This announcement follows news that Apple shut […]

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Rough Notes

Reflections on forgetting that I bought an Apple Music subscription

The music-techno-chattering classes are pondering recent Pandora news: a huge drop in the online song server’s stock price, largely attributed to the launching of Apple Music. Bottom line: in the third quarter of this year Apple Music, claiming 6.5 million paying customers, pinched Pandora audience expansion to the tune of 1.3 million listeners. “Let me […]

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Digital Watch: Apple’s Beats 1 Radio Is Safe as Milk

Yesterday I shared my initial impressions of Apple’s Beats 1 Radio, and why I think it’s decidedly global orientation is its most interesting quality. Now I turn a critical ear to the actual programming and sound quality. Originally I planned to write a review of Apple Music for today’s feature. But after spending additional time […]

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