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college radio station WBCR at Brooklyn College. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: Farewell to the College Radio Woodies?

MTV hosted its annual Woodies event this week at SXSW in Austin, Texas; but a notable absence this time around was the awards ceremony, including the annual College Radio Woodie Award. The social media-fueled online popularity contest was a favorite for many college radio stations, who rallied fans to attend click-a-thons in support of their […]

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mtvU Woodie 2012

WASU Wins 2012 mtvU College Radio Woodie Award

At SXSW last week mtvU held its Woodie Awards, recognizing artists popular with the college audience. The College Radio Woodie Award was given to FM radio station WASU at Appalachian State University (Boone, North Carolina) based on results of online voting. According to the WASU website, “MTV called to say out of all the college […]

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mtvU College Radio Woodie Award Voting Begins

Last week I found out that mtvU was accepting nominations for its annual college radio award, the “College Radio Woodie.” The call for nominees asked for people to nominate their favorite college radio stations using either Twitter or an online form. Excited about the opportunity to finally nominate a station (I’d missed the chance every […]

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mtvU Woodie Awards

Radio Awards – Pro or Con?

I was starting to feel like such a buzz kill today as I wrote yet another post complaining about the voting process for mtvU’s College Radio Woodie Award. As I mentioned in my piece for Radio Survivor, this contest has had a number of rounds; so it’s been easy for me to scrutinize various issues […]

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mtvU Woodie Awards

mtvU's College Radio "Woodie" Award Voting Has Begun

Whenever a list is produced of the BEST of anything there will be nay-sayers; whether the list comes from “experts” or is the result of popular vote. For that reason, I’m suspicious of every list that I’ve seen of the most popular/best college radio stations. Now with the latest contest underway, mtvU’s (MTV’s college-oriented network) […]

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