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Digital Watch: Watch the Final Pitches in WNYC’s Podcast Accelerator Competition

Podcasters wanting an inside look into how public radio and podcast experts evaluate new show ideas have an opportunity to peek under the hood of WNYC’s Podcast Accelerator Pitch Session. On Friday at 3:30 PM PDT the Online News Association will live stream the five Podcast Accelerator finalists giving their last pitches to the judges: […]

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Podcast Survivor

Podcasting News: LA Podfest Schedule; a Decade of Podcast History

In this week’s podcasting news: Ars Technica on a decade of podcasting; LA Podfest schedule; Philadelphia Podfest; Public radio producer on the advantages of podcasting. The Ten Year History of Podcasting Because I dedicated last week’s Podcast Survivor to the dismissal of the podcast patent troll suit, I failed to mention a recent Ars Technica […]

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Podcasting News: WNYC Acquires New ‘Casts, Baseball Shows Blacked Out

In this week’s podcasting news: WNYC launches and acquires new podcasts; MLB and Apple accidentally black out baseball podcasts; Podcast-originated Comedy Bang! Bang! and Maron return to IFC. WNYC Acquires Two Podcasts, Launches a Third Further expanding the public radio podcast roster, New York’s WNYC announced three new shows. Two of the podcasts are hosted […]

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Internet radio rankings show Pandora's #1 but broadcast is #2

Internet radio rankings show Pandora’s #1 but broadcast is #2

I’ve been enjoying Jennifer Lane’s Audio4cast blog because she cuts through the growing avalanche of stories and fluffed up press releases to highlight just a handful of important news items in the internet radio world each week. She recently wrote about Triton Digital’s top 20 US streaming audio rankings for May, observing that Clear Channel’s […]

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KISR Sticker Courtesty Greg Blouch

Radio Obsessive Profile #3: "Radio Sticker of the Day" Curator Greg Blouch

Recently I was tracking some college radio news when I ran across Greg Blouch’s website, “Radio Sticker of the Day.” Immediately I was taken back to my junior high school years when radio station stickers were a hot commodity. My classmate Ricky Kanazawa would spend most of our English class time focused on a stack […]

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