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What is Pandora? A narrow majority call it radio

A new RAIN poll finds Internet radio fans divided on whether Pandora counts as radio. 52 percent of respondents to the Radio and Internet Newsletter survey answered “yes” to the following statement/question: “Pandora is the leading ‘Internet radio’ service. Is Pandora radio?” Thirty percent said “no.” Eighteen percent said “yes and no.” Many respondents added their […]

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Making Waves Behind Bars panelists

The Power of Prison Radio

Over the weekend I had the most amazing time at the What is Radio? conference in Portland, Oregon. Scholars and radio practitioners from all over the world convened in order to talk about the past, present, and future of radio. One of the most powerful panel discussions was Friday’s “Making Waves Behind Bars” session. Phil […]

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Moi, via an unglamorous basement cam shot.

What is a Radio Survivor? Matthew's P.O.V.

It’s way too early to start writing self-congratulatory histories of this web site, but since Jennifer asked for the back story on how we got started, who am I to refuse . . . I first approached Paul Riismandel last Spring about creating what eventually became because I was, and still am, concerned that […]

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