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FCC orders fix to unleash wireless broadband near Sirius XM band

The Federal Communications Commission’s long awaited Order to fix interference problems between Sirius XM [SIRI] and the neighboring Wireless Communications Services (WCS) band is published. Here’s hoping it will at long last resolve this feud, and allow for peaceful coexistence on the 2.3 MHz band. At least that’s the idea, says FCC Chair Julius Genachowski. […]

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Dempsey v. Firpo

Sirius XM accuses wireless companies of "warehousing" spectrum next door to satellite radio

The great accusation fest which is the struggle between Sirius XM (SIRI) satellite radio and a host of wireless companies went to its next round on Friday, with Sirius accusing the companies of “warehousing” their licenses nearby the service’s bandwidth: “There can be little question that WCS [Wireless Communications Service] licensees have warehoused spectrum in hopes of […]

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Wireless companies blast Sirius XM in spectrum controversy

The Federal Communications Commission has called for comment on proposed rules intended to prevent interference between Sirius XM radio (SIRI)  and wireless broadband in the 2.3 GHz band area. But when Sirius XM asked for a one week extension on the comment deadline, the organization representing the various wireless companies blasted the request. “At virtually […]

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Sirius XM "extremely disturbed" by FCC wireless non-interference proposals

Sirius XM "extremely disturbed" by FCC wireless non-interference proposals

Sirius XM satellite radio CEO Mel Karmazin warned the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday that the FCC’s proposed non-interference rules with a nearby wireless band won’t do. “We are extremely disturbed by the proposal,” Karmazin confided in a letter sent to the agency’s Chair, Julius Genachowski. “The proposed rules seem to bear little resemblance to […]

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Mercedes Benz

Will the FCC's National Broadband Plan resolve Sirius XM's little war with big wireless?

As Federal Communications Commission watchers everywhere know, a huge part of the agency’s strategy to build out the nation’s broadband infrastructure will be to get more spectrum licenses to the wireless industry. In fact, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski says the Commission’s National Broadband Plan will propose freeing up 500 MHz over the next decade. And […]

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Ford, Volvo, Chrysler back Sirius XM on wireless interference fight

Looks like the Sirius XM satellite radio service has brought out some big automotive guns in its feud with the  WCS Coalition over tower interference concerns  between wireless and satellite services.  Ford, Volvo, and Chrysler have  written to the Federal Communications Commission to back Sirius on the question. “We urge the FCC to be cautious […]

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