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Mitchell Cohen WBAI

Mitchel Cohen: nine steps Pacifica should take before leasing out WBAI

Editor’s note: On October 3, the Pacifica Foundation National Board passed a resolution instructing its interim Executive Director to release a Request for Proposals for Public Service Operating Agreements (essentially leasing arrangements) for Pacifica station WBAI in New York City. Seven days later the board passed a motion instructing the ED “publish the RFP as […]

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Ian Masters Background Briefing

WBAI taps into west coast Pacifica content

Former KPFA manager Andrew Phillips’ reconstruction of Pacifica station WBAI in New York City is on its second month. All of the station’s on-air paid talent were let go in month one. Now I’m noting quite a bit of west coast Pacifica content on the ‘BAI Program Schedule, specifically from KPFA in Berkeley and KPFK in […]

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Pacifica radio: “vast majority” of daytime WBAI paid programming to go next week

A sobbing Executive Director of the Pacifica foundation disclosed on Friday that union negotiations at Pacifica station WBAI have concluded and across-the-board layoffs are very near. “It is with great sadness that I have to tell the WBAI listening audience that many of the voices that you have been listening to for many years will […]

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Corporation for Public Broadcasting

CPB on WBAI: the good news is that we are talking, but . . .

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Ombudsman Joel Kaplan’s anticipated second commentary on Pacifica station WBAI in New York City is out, and Kaplan says he’s gotten some responses to his original request for comment on gripes about “questionable fundraising ethics” at the station. They come from ‘BAI Public Affairs director Kathy Davis and interim Development Director […]

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Uncle Sidney’s take on the next WBAI

As we reported last week, everyone at Pacifica station WBAI in New York City has received layoff notices. The move follows a long spate of bad luck, most notably an unsuccessful marathon and Hurricane Sandy. Here’s a guest blog post from long time WBAI programmer Sidney “Uncle Sidney” Smith, with his take on the situation: […]

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WBAI at the cliff

6/22/13 – 9:47 PM. Update on this story here: an assessment of the situation from a Pacifica National Board member. Full disclosure: trying to verify anything at Pacifica radio these days comes down to citing around 5,000 unofficial spokespersons in the absence of even one of the official variety. But this statement purporting to come […]

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