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UK to Lancashire community radio station: stay with LGBT format

An interesting response from United Kingdom broadcast regulator to of Lancashire’s petition to modify its LGBT oriented format. Ofcom has turned the request down. Chorley had asked that it be allowed to change its “communities to be served” description from “The young people (15-25 years of age) and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender […]

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college radio station KXSU studio

College Radio Watch: College Radio Scholarship Featured in Special Issue of Interactions

Scholars focused on college radio are a pretty tiny subset of the already small universe of radio scholars, so I am thrilled to see the publication of a student radio-themed issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture this week. Brian Fauteux shared the news yesterday on Radio Survivor and he and I also have […]

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Despite the Internet, the UK will still regulate radio formats

The United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator Ofcom is running a consultation about the state of analog radio formats in that country. In the UK radio licensees must file a “character of service” description that defines the kind of content they promise to provide. This includes the music associated with the station. These formats can be described […]

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AM radio workshop

Radio Making Workshops in UK in Name of Radio Arts

Recently I’ve been following with interest the wide range of hands-on radio activities being lead by Radio Arts out of the United Kingdom. Radio Arts, “an independent artists’ group founded in 2001 by lecturer, producer and artist Magz Hall and artist, producer and musician Jim Backhouse,” works “to promote radio as a site for creative […]

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A 2011 Ofcom breakdown of community radio stations in the UK.

Report: new UK community radio station launched (on average) every 13 days

Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s broadcast regulator, has released its annual report for April 2012 through March 2013. This paragraph caught my eye: Over 200 community radio stations are now broadcasting in locations across the UK. Since Ofcom awarded the first community radio licence in 2005, a new station has launched on average every 13 days, […]

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75 or so words you really ought to think about before you say them on UK radio

Ofcom (the United Kingdom’s equivalent of the FCC) has just published a new survey of which words British radio listeners and TV watchers don’t like, or sort of don’t like, or really object to, depending on the circumstances. The most important circumstance is whether the word was said pre- or post-“watershed”—post being the equivalent of […]

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British Ofcom dings West Midlands AM station for "blurring" ad with content

British Ofcom dings West Midlands AM station for "blurring" ad with content

The British government released its decision today to sanction an Asian community oriented AM radio station for not keeping its advertising and content  sufficiently separate. West Midlands area Radio XL (“the best in Asian music 1296 AM”) presented a 40 second office space availability spot “seamlessly as programming,” ruled the  United Kindgom’s Office of Communications (Ofcom). […]

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