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Vinyl LPs at college radio station WNUW-LP. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: WBRU Sale Imminent, College Radio on TuneIn, and More News

With hundreds, maybe thousands of college radio stations all over the world, it can be daunting for new listeners who are open to exploring the dizzying number of offerings. Some college radio aficionados turn to “best of” lists in order to get turned on to new stations, but those typically only scratch the surface. To […]

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Audioscrobbling, circa 2004

Revisiting the birth of Scrobbling

I had fun over the Fourth of July rummaging around the Internet Wayback and looking at old images of, Richard Jones’ early version of Scrobbling as he was joining forces with Here is screenshot circa November 2004. Jones was a third year student at the University of Southampton at the time he cooked this […]

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Blowing in the wind? Pandora to launch Kleenex music channel

Pandora is now experimenting with channels sponsored by Kleenex, Taco Bell, and Sketchers. These are called Promoted Stations. Here’s the dope straight from the source: “Listeners that are part of the beta launch will have these stations auto-populate, one station at a time, in the ‘Stations You Might Like’ sections of their playlists. This allows […]

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Radio Search Engine 1.0

Radio Search Engine exits beta, doubles its inventory of stations

Michael Robertson’s announced version 1.0 of on Friday. I reviewed the beta version of the service back in November and found it both interesting and occasionally frustrating. To recap: RSE lets you search for songs, radio shows or genres across thousands of stations that stream online, delivering you results for what’s playing right […]

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