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Navajo Technical College students booking down for exams.

Navajo Technical College gearing up to acquire radio station

Associated Press reports that several prominent Southwestern tribes are well on the way to securing radio signals for their areas. These include Navajo Technical College of Crownpoint, New Mexico, which has convinced the Federal Communications Commission that its area deserves Tribal Priority consideration: Specifically, Petitioner provides evidence that: at least 50 percent of the proposed […]

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FCC eases rules for new Tribal stations

FCC eases rules for new Tribal stations

At the Commission’s March meeting the FCC approved changes to the rules governing priority for new tribe-owned stations intended to serve Native American populations. Previously, priority for licenses was granted to federally-recognized Tribes seeking licenses to serve Tribal-owned lands, such as reservations. The March 3 report and order (PDF) now gives Tribes the opportunity to […]

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Native American Reservations

Catholic Radio blasts tribal preferences for radio licenses

The Catholic Radio Association has a serious problem with the Federal Communications Commission helping Native American tribes get more radio stations. That’s putting it mildly. As we’ve reported, in Febuary the FCC ruled that Federally recognized Native American Tribes and Alaska Native Villages who apply for AM or FM radio stations will get ‘Tribal Priority’ (here’s the […]

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