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Emergency Radio

As the weather gets more worrisome, the FCC adds new emergency alert codes

As scientists anticipate more hurricanes in a warming world, the Federal Communications Commission has authorized three new Emergency Alert System event codes. They are: “Extreme Wind Warning” (EWW), “Storm Surge Watch” (SWW), and “Storm Surge Warning” (SSW). The EAS allows state and local emergency networks to issue warnings about tornados and hurricanes directly over the radio airwaves. […]

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Digital Watch feature image

Digital Watch: Four New Lawsuits Challenge Open Internet Order

The biggest news in digital and online radio in the last week was the US Patent and Trademark Office invaliding one of the key “podcast patents” which the company Personal Audio had used to sue podcaster Adam Carolla along with larger broadcast companies that also release podcasts. You can read my full report for more […]

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Flying Cadet comics

FCC’s Wheeler: “flying teams” still ready to “descend” on pirate radio

Federal Communications Commission Chair Tom Wheeler is at the National Association of Broadcasters NAB show in Las Vegas and just gave a talk at which he told the suits that although the FCC wants to streamline its field office system, that doesn’t mean the agency won’t crack down on unlicensed broadcasters when necessary. Indeed, “flying teams” […]

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FCC Chairman Wheeler at CES 2015

Will new FCC net neutrality rules kill “sponsored data” plans?

It’s all buzzy buzzy out there about Federal Communications Commission Chair Tom Wheeler’s new proposed net neutrality rules, which rest on reclassifying broadband as a utility, thus worthy of Title II telecommunications regulation. Wheeler has a statement posted on Wired. Those who thought he would never do this are happily eating their hats. The telcos are […]

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FCC Logo

FCC Chair Likely to Propose Strong Net Neutrality this Week

At last month’s Consumer Electronics Show FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that the agency would reclassify internet service as a utility, which should qualify it for stronger network neutrality protections. Wheeler promised the new rules would circulate to fellow commissioners by February 5, and news reports on Monday indicate that he will make good on […]

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FCC Chairman Wheeler at CES 2015

FCC Chair Makes Waves with Open Internet Announcement

On Wednesday FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler stunned many at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by announcing that the agency will move to reclassify broadband internet as a utility. During an on-stage conversation with Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Sharpiro, Wheeler said that new rules based under so-called Title II provisions would be circulated […]

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