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KEXP's live recording studio in 2014

KEXP to Launch “Under the Needle: the KEXP Sessions” over College and Community Radio

Non-commercial radio station KEXP has created quite a name for itself with its emphasis on live in-studio sessions in its Seattle digs and has been recording hundreds of performances every year. Beginning this fall, KEXP will start sharing select live performances with college and community radio stations (including new low power FM stations) from all […]

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Ceci n'est pas une NPR

Not All Public Radio is NPR

As This American Life’s Seth Linn explains, “NPR is the Kleenex of public radio brands.” Just like how you might ask for Kleenex, no matter what brand logo is on the tissue box, or ask for a Coke when you just want a soft drink, many listeners simply think all public radio is NPR. The […]

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Little Steven's Underground Garage logo

RadioSuvivor's Top Radio Shows – Paul's #5: Little Steven's Underground Garage

For as much as I love radio I have to admit that there’s very few programs that I might consider appointment listening. Sure, I tune in to NPR daily to catch up on the news with Morning Edition and All Things Considered, but they’re pretty interchangeable to me. If, for some reason, the BBC News […]

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