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RBMA Radio’s Pop-Up Broadcast Concludes in San Francisco

Yesterday morning I was taking a stroll through San Francisco’s Mission District when I spotted signage for RBMA Radio on a shop window. Intrigued, I crossed the street and wandered in to Dijitalfix to find out what was going on. In a corner of the funky audio store, bordered by a window facing busy Valencia […]

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Digital Watch: In Search of High Fidelity Internet Radio

After writing last week about how some listeners were upset about changes to the BBC 3 high quality/bitrate stream my curiosity was piqued about higher fidelity internet radio stations. So I set about finding stations that highlight sound quality by offering higher bitrate streams. First, it’s important to define terms. For the purpose of this […]

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Digital Watch: Where’s All That Streaming Music Money Going?

A number of prominent musicians have complained loudly about the royalties they receive from streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora, from indie rock veteran David Lowery to pop star Taylor Swift, who pulled all of her music from Spotify. Mike Masnick at TechDirt decided to look closer at the numbers and determined that “Yes, […]

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