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Soundtap Madness

Soundtap Madness College Radio Tournament Begins April 1st

Last year, the independent radio website Soundtap launched a listening competition pitting independent radio stations against one another in a series of head-to-head battles that coincided with March Madness. Dubbed Soundtap Madness, this year’s edition will include a series of two-day competitions taking place between April 1st to April 12th. Sixty-four college radio stations will […]

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Soundtap Madness 2012

Soundtap Madness Pits Independent Radio Stations in Head to Head Listening Tournament

With a nod to March Madness, Soundtap has just released details about “Soundtap Madness 2012,” an 18-day tournament beginning this Thursday featuring consecutive rounds of head to head battles between independent college and community radio stations. Soundtap, which bills itself as “the only crowd-sourced, show-specific way to enjoy independent radio,” is an online tool that […]

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RadioFlag's Search Engine for Radio Courts College Stations

RadioFlag’s Search Engine for Radio Courts College Stations

Amid all of the new tools for music discovery, there are many that get lumped in with online radio since they approximate a radio listening experience. Whether it’s algorithms or human DJs selecting the tunes, these customized playlists may feel like the radio of the 21st century to their users. Since I still love old-fashioned […]

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Soundtap's College Radio Discovery Tool

Soundtap’s College Radio Discovery Tool

Awhile back I got all geeked out about the amazing college radio map that highlighted the “best college radio stations” across the United States and Canada. That map is now up to 90 stations and it ended up taking its creators on a journey to create several other college radio listening tools. Initially they built […]

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