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Family Radio Shortwave Map

Family Radio to Sell Shortwave Radio Station WYFR to Radio Miami International

Family Radio-owned shortwave radio station WYFR is slated to resume broadcasts on December 1, following the sale of the station facility to Radio Miami International (WRMI). As we reported earlier this year, WYFR ceased broadcasts on June 30, 2013. Many in the shortwave community were saddened by the loss of this historic station, as it […]

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BBC World Service logo

BBC World Service expands audience but loses radio listeners

The Daily Telegraph reports on an exclusive look at the BBC World Service’s annual audience numbers, and they’re looking quite good for the British international broadcaster. Worldwide the service reaches 192 million people a week across all media types, up 11.8 million from last year. The World Service’s Persian and Arabic TV services have over […]

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Citing budget cuts BBC & Voice of America cut back shortwave broadcasts

State broadcasters around the world have been cutting back on their shortwave transmissions over the last few years, typically attributing the reductions to a combination of budget challenges and declining listenership. With the start of April and the beginning of the 2nd quarter the Voice of America and BBC just trimmed shortwave broadcasts. Citing budget […]

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Shortwave pirate radio preserved at the Internet Archive

Shortwave pirate radio preserved at the Internet Archive

Jason Scott is an archivist and historian of computer and internet history behind such great projects as, which preserves the wonders of the pre-web internet, as well as documentaries on pre-internet BBSs (bulletin-board systems) and text adventure games. Appropriately enough, he now works at the Internet Archive, and while catching up on his blog […]

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Dutch government to slash Radio Netherlands Worldwide, focus on regions needing "free speech"

Dutch government to slash Radio Netherlands Worldwide, focus on regions needing “free speech”

As part of a government austerity program, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced plans to make significant cuts in the budget of shortwave broadcaster Radio Netherlands Worldwide. RNW has been relied upon by both Dutch expatriates and other listeners around the world for a unique take on world events, in addition to news from […]

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Could this be a tool of international espionage?

Spies still using radio

Numbers stations have been part of radio lore for decades. If you’ve ever listened to much shortwave radio at some point you would have come across an unidentified station broadcasting only a person reading off numbers, like an endless lotto feed: “21 99 36….” Sometimes this is in English, and often in Spanish or other […]

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