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Hannity Radio

Family Radio’s WKDN Morphs into All-Hannity Radio after Sale to Merlin

Yesterday, Camden, New Jersey radio station WKDN made a radical change in programming, switching from Family Radio to Hannity@106.9 FM Radio following the the station’s sale to Merlin Media for $22.5 million. Listeners to WKDN in the Philadelphia-area could hear Family Radio’s religious programming transitioning to a loop of the R.E.M. song “It’s the End […]

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KCSB Sign (Photo: J. Waits)

KCSB Revisits Controversial Sean Hannity Talk Show Circa 1989

As part of KCSB‘s 50th anniversary celebration, the college radio station at University of California, Santa Barbara is digging into their archives and re-broadcasting some vintage material. As it turns out, one of their most notarious alums is conservative talk show host Sean Hannity. Yesterday, KCSB aired the program from 1989 that led to Sean […]

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Premiere On Call logo

Hannity and Limbaugh deny using parent company’s fake caller service

Relatively under the radar, the jewish lifestyle magazine Tablet reported a story on Premiere Radio Network’s Premiere On Call service which provides voice actors to call in to radio shows. Premiere is the syndicator for the nation’s top conservative talk radio programs like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. The article’s author, Liel Liebowitz, quotes an […]

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The Death of Air America: It's the Ownership, Stupid!

The Death of Air America: It's the Ownership, Stupid!

Conservative commentators may be cackling about the failure of Air America radio, trying to make it into an indicator for both the inherent weakness of liberal-leaning radio and liberal politics. But any reasoned analysis of the radio industry demonstrates that neither is the case. Rush Limbaugh, in particular, and the rest of the nation’s most […]

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Citadel's 5-year Stock Price Performance

Greed and Consolidation Trigger Another Bankruptcy in Radioland

On Friday the Wall Street Journal reported news that’s no surprise to radio industry watchers, that the third largest radio owners in the country, Citadel Communications, is about to declare bankruptcy in a deal pre-arranged with its creditors. The loudest critic of Citadel has been industry-insider Jerry Del Colliano who predicted last week that the […]

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