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Music Freedom... For Some

T-Mobile “Music Freedom” Is Actually an Internet Fast-Lane

Here at Radio Survivor we’ve discussed how an internet fast lane might negatively affect internet radio, especially mobile internet radio. But we weren’t expecting it to actually happen so quickly. What I’m talking about is T-Mobile’s announcement on Wednesday that the company will allow customers to stream music to their smartphones without it impacting their […]

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Google All Access Radio Queue

All Access brings on-demand Spotify competitor to the Googleverse

Google introduced its entry into the on-demand music streaming market at its recent developer conference Google I/O. Sitting atop its existing Google Play media store, the awkwardly named Google Play All Access provides Spotify-like listening to a large music library, along with the ability to build playlists or tune in to artist-based radio stations. Unlike […]

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For Sync Applink Developer Program

Mobile radio apps jump from the smartphone to the dashboard at CES

Three years ago at CES car stereos started talking to smartphones to control apps like Pandora. This year radio apps are moving en masse from the smartphone into the dashboard. Smartphones still provide the critical mobile data link, although one auto manufacturer announced a deal to integrate that access directly in the dash. Two major […]

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Rdio challenges Pandora, Spotfiy and with ad-free music stream

Rdio is a year-old entrant into the online music streaming marketplace, offering a Spotify-like experience that allows listeners to choose the exact artist, albums and songs they want to hear. Founded by the creators of Skype, Rdio previously had been a subscription-only service with only a seven-day free trial period. On Thursday the company announced […]

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The decade's most important radio trends #3: iPod and iTunes lure listeners away from terrestrial radio

Music listening has changed dramatically in the past decade in large part because of the rise of digital music. Following the explosion and shut down of illegal file sharing service Napster (1999-2001), a variety of digital music companies attempted to profit from the burgeoning interest in music delivery via the Internet. Some focused on music […]

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