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Podcast #27: Public Radio Bid for UNLV Station, Rdio Shutdown & Net Neutrality

College Radio correspondent Jennifer Waits joins Paul and Eric to examine Nevada Public Radio’s bid to take over programming on UNLV’s radio station. They also look at bankruptcy, acquisition, and shutdown of the streaming music service Rdio, and what that has to do with terrestrial stations. Then Paul discusses why the Appeals Court hearing on […]

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Digital Watch feature image

Digital Watch: The Inevitable Decline of Free Streaming Music; FM in More Smartphones; Mad Genius Bows Out

There has been quite a bit of action on the digital and internet radio front this past week, including more terrestrial radio in smartphones, the sign-off of a streaming radio service, and indications that free on-demand streaming music may have reached its peak, ready for an inevitable decline. T-Mobile to Activate FM in Smartphones FM […]

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Rdio on Chromecast - St. Vincent

Rdio Adds On-Demand Music to Chromecast’s Internet Radio Line-up

I’ve already told you about how my Chromecast is an internet radio. Now there is one more listening option with Rdio, which just added Chromecast playback this week. Rdio, founded by Skype co-creator Janus Friis, offers on-demand music listening a la Spotify, along with artist stations and playlists. The service was subscription-only until striking a […]

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Rdio launches free service with ads from broadcast partner Cumulus

Yesterday streaming music service Rdio announced that radio station streaming would be free on Android and iOS mobile devices, effective immediately. Up to now the service has been subscription only, with a free trial period available for new users. Like Spotify, Rdio’s emphasis has been on demand listening. The service’s stations were only just launched […]

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Google All Access Radio Queue

All Access brings on-demand Spotify competitor to the Googleverse

Google introduced its entry into the on-demand music streaming market at its recent developer conference Google I/O. Sitting atop its existing Google Play media store, the awkwardly named Google Play All Access provides Spotify-like listening to a large music library, along with the ability to build playlists or tune in to artist-based radio stations. Unlike […]

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Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Aupeo! or MOG: Which subscription internet radio service sounds the best?

Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Aupeo! or MOG: Which subscription internet radio service sounds the best?

I am bit of a stickler for audio quality and fidelity, as readers of my holiday gift guide and recent review of iHeartRadio may have sussed out. I’m reticent to call myself an audiophile because I’m not in pursuit of perfect audio nirvana, nor am I willing to spend the price of a new family […]

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Clear Channel ups the ante with 3 more months of commercial-free iHeartRadio custom stations

Clear Channel may have been too focused on scarfing up stations in the early 2000s to construct anything resembling an internet strategy, but the company has been making up for lost time with its iHeartRadio service. When it went live in 2008 it was primarily a site and mobile app to provide access to the […]

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