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Podcast Survivor

Podcasting News: LA Podfest Recap, WashPo & FastCo on Podcast Profits

It’s been a busy week in podcasting news. Late last week saw two articles in major publications about the profitability of podcasting, and then the weekend brought the Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Finally, Tuesday, September 30, was National Podcast Day. Did you listen to your favorite podcasts? LA Podfest Recap Last weekend I was lucky […]

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Podcast Survivor + dollar sign

Are podcasts actually less profitable than other online media?

The business and sustainability of podcasting seems to be gaining momentum in the zeitgeist. The latest entry is an article in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal that laments in its headline, “So Many Podcasts, So Little Profit.” Writer Jo Piazza says “podcasts today are what underground zines were in the ’90s,” which is a sentiment […]

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