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Podcast Survivor

Podcasting News: The “Spotify of Podcasting,” Carolla’s Victory Strategy

In podcasting news this week: from Sweden “the Spotify of Podcasting”; Carolla’s Mike August opens up about podcast troll; Blumberg’s podcasting startup hits $1 million. From Sweden, “the Spotify of Podcasting” The Swedish podcast listening app Acast just launched in the UK, promising to be “the Spotify of podcasting.” At least the comparison point is […]

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Podcast Survivor

Podcasting News: CBS Loses to Podcast Troll in Texas Court

On Monday the so-called podcast patent troll, Personal Audio, won in court against CBS. A Marshall, Texas jury found that the television network had infringed on Personal Audio’s podcasting patent, rejecting CBS’s argument that the patent was not valid to begin with. The jury awarded damages of $1.3 million to Personal Audio. The Electronic Frontier […]

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Troll doll

Podcasting News: EFF Challenge to Patent Troll Moves Forward

While patent reform is still delayed in the Senate, there was some good news for podcasters fighting a patent troll’s claim. Last October the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a challenge to Personal Audio’s patent, issued in the mid 90s, that it says covers podcasting. The US Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board […]

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Save Podcasting Fund

Podcast Survivor: Carolla Campaigns To Fight Podcast Patent Troll in Court

The fight against the Podcast Patent Troll continues on. Last week there was a small victory for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, while podcaster Adam Carolla starts a legal defense fund to fight the troll in court. On Friday Magistrate Judge Nathanael Cousins struck down an attempt by Personal Audio to subpoena the names of donors […]

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Ce n'est pas un podcast

The podcast patent troll speaks (to Planet Money)

In March we told you about the SHIELD Act which was introduced into Congress to help reform patent laws, particularly targeting patent owners who are “non-practicing,” meaning that they aren’t actually making use of their patents. One such “non-practicing” patent owner is Jim Logan, whose company Personal Audio is suing podcasters like Adam Corolla, claiming […]

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