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Radio Matters

Radio Matters: Pete Simon on “My Passion for Radio and Starting WXDR”

Radio Matters is a new feature on Radio Survivor in which guest authors share their thoughts on the relevance of radio. In this post, radio veteran Pete Simon writes about his passion for radio and his role in the development of college radio station WXDR at University of Delaware and reflects on the future of […]

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Occupy Radio! Why Save KUSF, Occupy Wall Street, and Decolonize Oakland need to coordinate

“Your Dial Was Made for Revolution!”– The Radio Mutiny Collective (1998) On November 2, 2011, I was riding my bike as close to the barricaded Occupy Oakland’s HQ as possible, listening to live on air coverage of the police brutality from nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Mike Malloy. I felt, again, the revolutionary potential […]

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Should "male thickening" ads be on the radio?

As a regular listener to commercial radio stations, I often hear radio ads that I really wish weren’t broadcast, especially later at night. With this post I begin an ongoing series on these spots, my least favorite being the Prolixus “male thickening” product. The radio script runs as follows: Hey guys, does size really matter? […]

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