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Flying Cadet comics

FCC’s Wheeler: “flying teams” still ready to “descend” on pirate radio

Federal Communications Commission Chair Tom Wheeler is at the National Association of Broadcasters NAB show in Las Vegas and just gave a talk at which he told the suits that although the FCC wants to streamline its field office system, that doesn’t mean the agency won’t crack down on unlicensed broadcasters when necessary. Indeed, “flying teams” […]

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An Unwelcome Guest at the NAB Radio Show

This was the first year that I’ve actually attended the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual radio convention. Though I have been to two as a protester: the first in San Francisco in 2000 to let the industry know people were unhappy with their evisceration of LPFM, and again in Seattle in 2002 to culture-jam the […]

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FCC Chair Tom Wheeler at the 2014 NAB Show

Wheeler Profile Reveals Very Little Info on Radio or Net Neutrality

On Friday the Washington Post published a profile of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler that vividly paints some of his quirks, but reveals very little of his policy outlook. Anyone looking for insights on radio or net neutrality here will be disappointed. We do get some additional bellyaching from the National Association of Broadcasters, who wish […]

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Bill would create royalty market for broadcaster payments to musicians

North Carolina Representative Mel Watt introduced a new bill to tackle music performance royalties for terrestrial radio this week. His timing isn’t the greatest however, as the government shutdown certainly threatens to overshadow his Free Market Royalty Act. As its name implies the Free Market Royalty Act would create a market wherein broadcasters and copyright […]

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Hipster dog has artisanal AM station

Is AM radio worth revitalizing?

This week is the annual National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, which brings thousands of broadcasters, manufacturers, producers and journalists together to talk about and see what’s next for broadcasting. Radio tends to play a very quiet second fiddle to television and video at this show. But this year radio’s own second fiddle, […]

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FCC to make final decisions on low-power FM expansion at November meeting

On Friday the FCC announced that it will take up the final implementation of the Local Community Radio Act at its November 30 open meeting. The commissioners will also consider final procedures to deal with more than 6000 pending applications for FM translator repeater stations. These issues overlap because translators compete for the same spots […]

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FCC Report and Order on the Economic Impact of LPFM

One step closer to more low-power community radio; FCC says LPFM no threat to commercial stations

Last week the FCC released its report on the economic impact of low-power FM stations on commercial radio. The report was mandated by passage of the Local Community Radio Act of 2010 (LCRA), and its primary conclusion should surprise nobody with any knowledge of LPFM: “LPFM stations are unlikely to have more than a negligible […]

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