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The Sopranos

Will SoundCloud pay rent to labels as the price for existing?

I apologize for what some might experience as the presumptuous headline query, but I am unable to interpret the latest SoundCloud news otherwise. Here is the lead paragraph in last week’s Bloomberg report: “The largest record labels are closing in on a deal for a stake in buzzy digital-music service SoundCloud Ltd., in exchange for […]

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blossoming 8track

8tracks blossoms with user forums

The tech investment world is discovering (we’ve known about it here for quite a while). Forbes has a huge story about the music playlist application titled “What if You Became a Big Company, But No One Noticed?” (translation: “no one” equals “people with money”). The piece cites a Comscore survey identifying 8tracks as the […]

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(Re)discovering Myspace radio

Myspace seems to be making a comeback of sorts. Well, let’s modify that—various news sites are peering into the service and noting with bemusement that it still exists. So Forbes posted this unflattering headline on Friday: “How To ‘Frankenstein’ Your Brand Like MySpace: The Social Network That Refuses To Die.” C’mon folks, a little kindness please. […]

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Congestion ahead; next twenty years.

Four reasons why net neutrality matters for mobile radio

We’ve been following the Federal Communication Commission’s latest open Internet proposal, and like my colleague Paul Riismandel, I’m skeptical about it. FCC Chair Tom Wheeler’s plan seems tailor made to forge a two-tiered Internet in which the big ISPs pick winners and losers via priority access “fast lane” deals. The big question for us around […]

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