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Digital Watch: Bluetooth Is Magic for Podcasts and Internet Radio

Call me late to the party, but I’ve finally fallen in love with Bluetooth audio streaming. At this point most readers should be familiar with Bluetooth, which facilitates pretty easy wireless connections between devices of all kinds. In this case I’m specifically discussing using Bluetooth to send audio from a computer or mobile device to […]

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Digital Watch: In Search of High Fidelity Internet Radio

After writing last week about how some listeners were upset about changes to the BBC 3 high quality/bitrate stream my curiosity was piqued about higher fidelity internet radio stations. So I set about finding stations that highlight sound quality by offering higher bitrate streams. First, it’s important to define terms. For the purpose of this […]

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Mad Genius Radio

Mad Genius Radio Debuts Personalized Ad-Free Subscription Radio

A new streaming music radio platform launched today, Mad Genius Radio. Entering into an increasingly crowded space, Mad Genius differentiates itself by customizing each station to the individual listener rather than relying on data correlated and aggregated across audiences to program music choices. Founder Eric Neumann is a radio industry veteran with more than twenty […]

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Rdio on Chromecast - St. Vincent

Rdio Adds On-Demand Music to Chromecast’s Internet Radio Line-up

I’ve already told you about how my Chromecast is an internet radio. Now there is one more listening option with Rdio, which just added Chromecast playback this week. Rdio, founded by Skype co-creator Janus Friis, offers on-demand music listening a la Spotify, along with artist stations and playlists. The service was subscription-only until striking a […]

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CASH Music supports musicians with open source technology & events

Lately I’ve been thinking about the important relationship between independent musicians and independent radio. This was sparked by attending TechFest NW in September–an adjunct to MusicFest NW–where I also learned about CASH Music, a Portland-based non-profit building open source tools to help musicians connect with their audiences, online and off. Co-executive director Jesse Von Doom […]

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Radio Survivor Bulletin header

Indie stations and indie musicians working together? An immodest proposal

This piece originally appeared in our free weekly email newsletter, the Radio Survivor Bulletin. Sign up now to get a digest of important and insightful links and commentary about the future of radio. I’ve been giving some thought to the relationship between musicians and radio. In particular, I’m interested in independent artists and labels and […]

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