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Digital Watch: Bluetooth Is Magic for Podcasts and Internet Radio

Call me late to the party, but I’ve finally fallen in love with Bluetooth audio streaming. At this point most readers should be familiar with Bluetooth, which facilitates pretty easy wireless connections between devices of all kinds. In this case I’m specifically discussing using Bluetooth to send audio from a computer or mobile device to […]

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At CES cars use direct 4G LTE connection for internet radio, but data is a speedbump

Like the last few years, the connected dashboard is the most important news from the Consumer Electronics Show for radio. This initiative reached a new level of maturity this year. But at the same time, the always looming specter of wireless data costs and threats to internet freedom pose road hazards for the development of […]

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NPR receives grants to create seamless listening across platforms

National Public Radio has received millions in grants that it will use to build a “seamless local-national listening platform,” the network announced today. The new mobile app will provide on-demand access to local station content combined with national programming, allowing listeners to create playlists. The point is to let listeners move from the car to […]

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Who doesn’t like free? Spotify channels iPod shuffle for free smartphone app users

Who doesn’t like free? That’s what Spotify is counting on with the announcement today that its mobile smartphone and tablet apps will let users stream their favorite artists and playlists for free. The catch with smartphones is that you can’t select particular songs. Instead, Spotify is channeling the iPod Shuffle, letting you randomly “shuffle play” […]

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Podcast Survivor: Stitcher Awards 2013 open for nominations, Tom Scharpling turned down a Best Show paycheck, +more

In this week’s podcasting news we learn some new data about podcast listening, Stitcher opens award nominations, Tom Scharpling almost got paid for The Best Show, and the A/V Club drops its top podcasts of 2013. Tom Scharpling Turned Down a Salary at WFMU? Current writer Andrew Lapin catches up with Tom Scharpling to discuss […]

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Slacker adds Weather Channel local forecasts

Weather reports and alerts are a mainstay of most live radio broadcasts, especially during drivetime, and there are plenty of apps that will deliver forecasts to your smartphone. However, updated local weather is more difficult to obtain on streaming services if you’re not just listening to a local station’s stream. Today Slacker Radio releases a […]

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UberStations recommends stations based on what you’re listening to now

A new radio tuner hit the web on Thursday, coming from the folks who bring you the online radio recorder app, According to CEO Michael Robertson UberStations differs from existing radio platforms in that it provides a “unique recommendation engine” that helps the user find other stations with programming similar to what you’re listening […]

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