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Tag Archives | KUSP website and The Lot radio: still alive and kicking

This post notes the continued existence of two interesting online community radio venues: in Montreal and The Lot Radio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It celebrates their persistence because, given recent events, I no longer take any local radio station for granted anymore. I know that some of you disagreed with my support of Triple A formatted KUSP-FM in Santa […]

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KUSP falls short of marathon goal, will continue programming through May 7

Beleaguered public/community radio station KUSP-FM of Santa Cruz, California has concluded its “Mayday” fund drive. Unfortunately the operation only raised around a third of the money it needs to keep going over the coming six months. Here’s the bottom line from KUSP’s latest blog post: “We cannot afford our regular broadcast and still tend to the financial obligations that are […]

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KUSP AAA cash flow

Inside KUSP-FM of Santa Cruz’s Triple A music plan

For the last six months the community around struggling community/public radio station KUSP in Santa Cruz, California has been rethinking itself in terms of trees. Earlier this year the signal posited a host of models, among them scenarios dubbed “fig” (news), “walnut” (BBC), and “maple” (NPR on the hour). But in the end, after shedding its […]

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KUSP proposed transition chart

Report: NPR costs not “primary contributor” to KUSP financial woes

A report from a committee of advisers to struggling community radio station KUSP in Santa Cruz, California, offers an updated overview of the signal’s financial situation. “There has been a focus in the public discussions on the NPR cost, with the mistaken assumption that the cost of NPR programs was the primary contributor to the […]

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