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KUSF in Exile/SF Community Radio

Visiting KUSF-in-Exile aka San Francisco Community Radio Four Years after the KUSF Shutdown

In honor of Sunday’s 4-year anniversary of the shutdown of University of San Francisco’s college radio station KUSF’s 90.3 FM signal, it seemed like the perfect occasion to visit KUSF-in-Exile/San Francisco Community Radio (SFCR). (more…)

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Classical Radio Station Deals Hint at Consolidation in Public Radio

A lengthy article on The Deal Pipeline outlines some of the recent public radio transactions involving classical music radio stations in particular. For those of us who have monitored the deals mentioned in the piece, it’s a fascinating overview of what seems like increasing consolidation in public radio. Of interest to me, since I have […]

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2012: A Mixed Bag for College Radio

As we reflect back on 2012, there’s no clear answer about the state of college radio. In a way, college radio may be getting back to normal following a particularly dramatic 2011. Although some stations left the air this year, others continued to thrive and new stations were born. Fall-out from 2011 continued this year, […]

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KUSF Rally April 2011 (Photo: J. Waits)

FCC Affirms Decision to Allow Release of Privilege Log from KUSF Letter of Inquiry

With 2012 drawing to a close, there’s a new twist in the nearly two-year-old saga of KUSF 90.3 FM. Although the FCC has approved the license assignment from University of San Francisco (USF) to Classical Public Radio Network (CPRN), various appeals are ongoing. Former KUSF listener Ted Hudacko, who filed a Freedom of Information Act […]

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Live DJs return at revamped

Just in time for College Radio Day, has resumed operations as an online-only radio station at University of San Francisco (USF). Although has been providing a stream of music ever since KUSF’s terrestrial signal 90.3 FM was first turned over to Classical Public Radio Network (CPRN) in January 2011, live DJs have not […]

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Common Frequency Reserves KUSF for New Oregon Radio Station

KUSF FM Lives on… In Oregon

Today the FCC released its most recent list of call sign actions. Amid the alphabet soup of new and changed call signs was a familiar set of letters: K-U-S-F. As of July 20, 2012, Common Frequency has reserved the former University of San Francisco radio station’s call letters for a yet-to-be-constructed non-commercial radio station at […]

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