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Podcast 113 - KUNV + WFUV

Podcast #113 – Mutual Aid Saves College Radio Station

At the end of 2015, it looked like the University of Nevada-Las Vegas might hand over the keys to its radio station, KUNV-FM, to Nevada Public Radio. More than a year later the situation reversed course, with the university deciding to keep the station and increase student involvement. Our college radio watcher Jennifer Waits learned […]

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Box of old KUCB playlists at colege radio station Radio 1190, including this one from 1988. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: Pending WUMD Sale, KUNV Averts Takeover, CMJ Troubles and More News

2017 has begun with the news this week that the FM license for college radio station WUMD will likely be sold to a public radio group. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth announced its plans to sell the WUMD license to Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) a few days ago, while students and faculty were away on […]

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Podcast #27: Public Radio Bid for UNLV Station, Rdio Shutdown & Net Neutrality

College Radio correspondent Jennifer Waits joins Paul and Eric to examine Nevada Public Radio’s bid to take over programming on UNLV’s radio station. They also look at bankruptcy, acquisition, and shutdown of the streaming music service Rdio, and what that has to do with terrestrial stations. Then Paul discusses why the Appeals Court hearing on […]

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vinyl closet at college radio station Radio K. Photo: J. Waits

College Radio Watch: FM Revival in Texas, Nevada Public Radio Eyes KUNV, KJZC Donated to Chadron State College & More News

I’ve covered a number of sad situations involving the shutdown of college radio stations and it’s been gratifying to see that sometimes there is a silver lining in these stories. In its column for Radio World, CBI shared stories about the triumphant return of two college radio stations in Texas: KTRU and KTXT. (more…)

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sticker-covered table at college radio station WGMU

College Radio Watch: College Radio’s Part in Local Music Scenes, Controversies over Non-Students in College Radio, and More

I was just reading about the loss of some music clubs in Boston and within the same article there’s discussion about how the independent music scene is supported and fostered by not only an active live music culture, but also by the presence of college radio. In a piece for WBUR’s Radio Boston, Musician Peter […]

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College Radio News Roundup: Budget Woes, Anniversaries, Festivals, Awards, Radio Reunion and Rebranding

College Radio News Roundup: Budget Woes, Anniversaries, Festivals, Awards, Radio Reunion and Rebranding

In addition to the lengthier stories that we’ve been running about saving college radio lately, I also wanted to share a few other recent college radio-related articles, many of which provide a more optimistic perspective on the state of student radio. Here are a few reports from the scene: Budget Woes at WMUC The past […]

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