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William Mandel at the San Francisco HUAC hearing

Turn the lights on! What we can learn from KPFA’s Bill Mandel

William Mandel has died. Mandel broadcast over KPFA’s airwaves for almost half a century, offering commentaries on the now-defunct Soviet Union. He wrote books about the USSR, among them Soviet Women and Soviet but not Russian: the Other Peoples of the Soviet Union. He spoke at just about any public event at which someone would let him appear. He died […]

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KPFA Trump coverage poster

Did Donald Trump save Pacifica radio?

It is a blasphemous question, I know. But since I’ve already put it in the headline, I’ll also spell it out in this post’s opening paragraph. President Donald Trump: good news for Pacifica radio? My decisive answer is  . . . maybe. At this point, the Pacifica Foundation and its five radio stations can only go in […]

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Met Radio board. Photo: J. Waits

Podcast #64 How to do News and Public Affairs

“The best way to cultivate a sensibility of what makes for a good [radio] interview is to pre-tape your interviews and set aside large amounts of time to edit them down to half the length they start at. Because it makes you think really critically about where the wasted language is in that interview, when […]

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