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Ian Masters Background Briefing

WBAI taps into west coast Pacifica content

Former KPFA manager Andrew Phillips’ reconstruction of Pacifica station WBAI in New York City is on its second month. All of the station’s on-air paid talent were let go in month one. Now I’m noting quite a bit of west coast Pacifica content on the ‘BAI Program Schedule, specifically from KPFA in Berkeley and KPFK in […]

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Pacifica radio: “vast majority” of daytime WBAI paid programming to go next week

A sobbing Executive Director of the Pacifica foundation disclosed on Friday that union negotiations at Pacifica station WBAI have concluded and across-the-board layoffs are very near. “It is with great sadness that I have to tell the WBAI listening audience that many of the voices that you have been listening to for many years will […]

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Pacifica radio in the Age of Obama

Long time KPFA staffer Kellia Ramares-Watson has an interesting piece in The Leftist Review on the present and future of Pacifica radio, which owns KPFA. Kellia worked for the News and Operations departments at the station for some time, but quit when cutbacks (in her words) “imposed by the interim GM at KPFA, under orders […]

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Train crash from 1800s

Pacifica radio elections supervisor: end elections at Pacifica

The man in charge of overseeing the election of board delegates to Pacifica radio’s five Local Station Boards (LSBs) has asked the network to end these contests once and for all. “Almost everybody agrees that the elections at Pacifica are too costly, time consuming, factionalized and factionalizing,” concludes Pacifica National Elections Supervisor Terry Bouricius in […]

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Norma "La Brava" Scheurkogel, 1961-2012

Norma: La Brava, como siempre

My friend Norma, a dedicated activist and volunteer community radio broadcaster for her entire adult life, often went by such handles as Rebel and La Brava. Many people around northern California knew her well, sometimes for decades, without learning her last name, which she rarely used except for necessary legal purposes. Norma was heard on […]

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Rough notes: towards the end of Pacifica Radio (and the start of something new)

As the troubles facing Pacifica radio persist without apparent end, I sometimes wonder whether the five station listener supported radio network should voluntarily dismantle itself—that is, transfer its licenses to five local non-profit entities. I am not the first person to suggest this. Community radio pioneer Lorenzo Milam more or less laid the idea out […]

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KPFA logo

KPFA morning schedule gets new makeover

It has been about eighteen months since Pacifica listener supported station KPFA (Berkeley, CA) dumped its Morning Show for a volunteer lineup called the “Morning Mix.” The move was very controversial and personally disappointing. Thus I was happy to see this press release (below) announcing a new show for the station’s seven AM slot, “Up […]

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