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FCC: college radio stations can’t air car dealer underwriter interest rates

Citing economic difficulties, the Maricopa Community College District of Arizona asked the Federal Communications Commission for a waiver to expand the range of underwriter announcements on its two radio stations, KBAQ-FM and KJZZ-FM. But the Commission has turned the request down. “Many [non-commercial educational] licensees face similar circumstances and Maricopa fails to identify any special […]

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Sun Sounds of Arizona

Sun Sounds to FCC: waive indecency rules for radio reading services

Sun Sounds of Arizona provides audio services for people with reading and sight disabilities, streaming readings of books, newspapers, and magazines over telephone wires, the Internet, and radio. But this last component faces a problem, the company notes in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission: “[R]adio and TV broadcast stations, which might contract with […]

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