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Radio Survivor Podcast #15: Retiring Rendered

This episode is a must-listen for podcast producers, anyone thinking of launching a podcast, or folks who just plain love podcasts. Julie Sabatier is a radio and podcast producer who recently decided to retire her successful and beloved podcast Rendered. Julie shares her nine-year journey into independent podcast production, and the many lessons she learned […]

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Radiotopia’s Kickstarter & Gimlet Media Pose Podcast Funding Options

Alex Blumberg’s podcasting company Gimlet Media just crowd-funded $200,00 in less than two days. Only the company didn’t use Kickstarter, Indiegogo or another familiar platform. Instead Gimlet invited qualified investors to become actual equity stakeholders under a provision of the 2012 JOBS Act. Gimlet ran this campaign using the help of a new platform called […]

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Podcasting is booming

Podcast Survivor: The Business of Podcasting is Booming

The business of podcasting continues to attract serious coverage, which I report here each week. This week coverage comes from the Columbia Journalism Review and PBS’s MediaShift. There’s good reason for this attention: the business of podcasting is booming. This is a good thing for listeners, producers, and even stations The CJR piece focuses exclusively […]

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Podcast Survivor 2014.03.19-RGB

Podcast Survivor: The Week in Podcasting News

In this week’s podcasting news: a look at Transom’s new “This Is Radio” video series, a comparison between digital magazines and podcasts, and a Kickstarter update. The online and IRL public radio workshop just premiered the This Is Radio video interview series. The first installment profiles Roman Mars, producer of the podcast and radio […]

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Podcast Survivor

Podcast Survivor: ‘Earbuds’ – Documenting the connection between fans and podcasters

One of the recurring topics of discussion around podcasts is the fact that it seems like a relatively small number of people actually listen to them, especially compared to the audience for videos of cats playing the theremin. Comedian and podcaster Graham Elwood told me, “I feel like podcasting (now) is kind of like Rock […]

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Podcast Survivor logo

Podcast Survivor: Crowdfunding Destination DIY

Podcasters looking to fund their productions are looking to a variety of methods to raise money. As I discussed Tuesday, many podcasts are taking on advertisers. Another tact gaining prominence is crowd-funding. Podcaster Roman Mars turned heads last year when his Kickstarter raised more than $170,000–more than 4 times his goal–to fund season three of […]

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The DDP Crew

Decentralized Dance Party aims to Kickstart documentary & global radio parties

Last year we posted about the Decentralized Dance Party’s appearance at SXSW. The DDP uses a low-power unlicensed FM transmitter worn in a backpack, instead of a PA, to broadcast dance party music in public places to participants carrying boombox radios all tuned to the same frequency. Project founders Tom and Gary call it “The […]

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