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Sunday tweet tracker: @maledor’s 200th show, psychedelics, iPod Classic luv, and blues scales

Here’s are some Sunday tweets from our 1,753 Radio Survivor Twitter feed followers. Over at Radio Valencia in San Francisco, deejay @maledor celebrated his birthday and 200th show with a guest, Ben from the Humboldt Psychedelic label, Captcha Records. Captcha has a free sampler, BTW. Around the same time G-Town Radio (the Sound from Germantown) […]

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blossoming 8track

8tracks: the hot forum discussions

I am an discussion forums lurker. Here are the hottest conversations, and the offbeat ones. The One Song That You Could Listen to Forever. This forum has generated no less than 2.3 thousand views. Among the faves: “Feel Good” by The Gorillaz; Handsome Family’s “Far from Any Road,” “One Night With You,” by Thieves […]

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Internet DJ week: YouTube becomes YouPay

So here comes YouTube Music Key, which will offer a bunch of new stuff for YouTube music listeners, specifically music without those you-can-skip-idiotic-ad-in-5-seconds ads, playback without the video, and some kind of offline play mechanism (I’m getting this from Android Police). Plus it seems likely that Google’s All Music Access will somehow be folded into […]

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Michael Cera

Internet DJ week: are you being your true self or Michael Cera?

Attention all social media music playlist mavens: are you posting your own personal favorite tunes, or are you really favoring content based on how you want others to see you? If it’s the latter choice, you are not alone. An Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) user study concludes that “being authentic is very important for social […]

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Internet DJ week: acrostic Spotify messages, Pokemon radio attacks, youth wasted on young

The Music Machinery blog alerts us to a new Spotify related application, Acrostify, which creates Spotify playlists based on “acrostics,” aka secret word messages embedded in other things. Since yesterday (Sunday, August 10) was the Russian composer Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov’s birthday, I input “Happy Birthday Glazunov” and selected the “classical” format. Out came this playlist: […]

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Internet DJ week: When can I vote for Bollywood tunes at my local restaurant?

My otherwise chaotic Sunday was rescued by the discovery of Gaana, India’s online music and radio emporium. It works beautifully on my Google Chrome tablet and comes with endless streams of Bollywood hits. I strongly recommend the Filmy Mirchi radio channel, which will surely cheer you up under most circumstances. I also love the Perla […]

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(Re)discovering Myspace radio

Myspace seems to be making a comeback of sorts. Well, let’s modify that—various news sites are peering into the service and noting with bemusement that it still exists. So Forbes posted this unflattering headline on Friday: “How To ‘Frankenstein’ Your Brand Like MySpace: The Social Network That Refuses To Die.” C’mon folks, a little kindness please. […]

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