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Lay off AM radio or the Part 15 spider gets it.

Look out FCC Part 15 devices: AM radio is gonna getcha!

I am continuing to follow the Federal Communications Commission’s proceeding on saving AM radio. A recent comment submission comes from iHeartCommunications (formerly Clear Channel) Executive Vice President Jeff Littlejohn. Among his observations at an ex parte meeting with the FCC: Mr. Littlejohn noted that many commenters in the AM Revitalization proceeding have called for increased […]

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haunted radio

Radio Station Hauntings

Happy Halloween! It’s the time of year when we think about ghosts, goblins, and the afterlife on both All Hallow’s Eve and on Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Day). Whether you are planning a spooky costume to scare Trick-or-Treaters or are crafting an altar to honor your deceased ancestors for Day of the […]

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Where to find classy Halloween indie Internet radio

This Halloween all the big streaming music services will, as usual, cook up perfectly decent curated  channels. But here are various indie online sources that will offer something better than the norm. Classical station WQXR in New York’s Q2 “living composers” channel will be running their second Halloween scarathon with 20th century content that will definitely […]

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Spooky symphonies! NPR,, and Pandora gear up for Halloween

Halloween approaches, and the more creative among radio folk are preparing for the occasion. has once again broken out the Halloween avatars. Here are some samples: “They’ll only be here for a limited amount of time,” warns, “so enjoy them while they last! Halloween avatars, like lives, are fleeting.” Meanwhile, Goddess bless NPR, […]

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I’ve been complaining for months about the need for more avatars over at At last they’ve arrived, at least for Halloween. Here’s a sampling: As you can see, we have the Bride of Frankenstein and various Hollywood axe murderers among the array. Undisplayed is Dracula and the Frankenstein beast himself. Here’s what the scene […]

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