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FCC Chair Says Reports of Net Neutrality Turnaround Are “Flat Out Wrong”

Wednesday afternoon reports surfaced saying that new proposed open internet rules from the FCC will permit companies to pay internet service providers, like Comcast or AT&T, to deliver their content faster. The source of the report has only been credited to an unnamed “FCC official.” The reaction to this news was swift, with many consumer […]

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Radio's Fall - Part Two: NPR's 'Liberal' Identity Crisis

Radio’s Fall – Part Two: NPR’s ‘Liberal’ Identity Crisis

Editor’s Note: Radioactive Gavin has collected more than 300 articles on radio and digital music over the past 3 months for Common Frequency. This is the second in a series of seven posts he is contributing, looking back at the end of a rough year in radio. When Stephen Colbert gave a ‘medal of fear’ to a seven-year old […]

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Do community advisory boards protect public radio stations?

Free Press has a provocative new report on the state of public media and how to more adequately fund it. Many of the reform group’s proposals involve siphoning income from commercial station advertising revenue or Federal Communications Commission spectrum auctions. I’ve got an overview of the document up on Ars Technica, which has generated quite […]

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The decade's most important radio trends: #8 The Great Fairness Doctrine Panic

The decade's most important radio trends: #8 The Great Fairness Doctrine Panic

It was the summer of 2007. Not moments after the Republican far right triumphed over President Bush’s hated immigration reform law than Representative Mike Pence, Republican of Indiana, introduced a rider to a budgetary bill in the House that would forbid funding for the Federal Communications Commission to enforce the Fairness Doctrine. The bill overwhelmingly […]

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