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Norway to Shutter Nat’l FM Broadcasts, 200 Local Stations to Remain

Norway will turn off national FM broadcasts on January 11. However, about 200 local FM stations will continue to broadcast for at least another five years, as we reported last year when the story first hit the international press. That crucial detail was missing from international coverage then, and it continues to be overlooked now. […]

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More radio movies for the holidays

A quick addendum to my post on ten essential radio themed movies for the holidays. We got a pertinent tweet from @ResearchDirectr: Best #radio movies and FM didn’t make the list? — Research Director (@ResearchDirectr) December 15, 2014 Ouchie! Indeed, FM should definitely be high up there on anyone’s list of movies about radio […]

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HD Radio 2010 vs. FM Radio 1950

One of the explanations bandied about around the internet lately for why HD Radio hasn’t seen much uptake with radio listeners is to compare it with the early days of FM radio. In essence some HD Radio defenders are arguing that consumers are reticent to try a new technology, just like AM radio listeners were […]

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