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College Broadcasters Inc. asks FCC to Not Sanction Stations for Fleeting Expletives

In reply comments submitted to the FCC, College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) argues for a softer stance on the broadcast of indecent material. In its filing (PDF), CBI asks the FCC to cease enforcement of its fleeting expletives policy. CBI writes, “The enforcement of a ‘fleeting expletive’ policy is resource intensive, constitutionally suspect, creates a chilling […]

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Broadcasters ask for more time on FCC indecency proceeding

The National Association of Broadcasters has asked the Federal Communications Commission for a 30 day extension on a proceeding requesting feedback about the agency’s indecency rules. The FCC launched the proceeding following the Supreme Court’s invalidation of the Commission’s policies against “fleeting expletives,” basically dirty words said on the fly. The high court said that […]

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Did Scalia flip the bird in this picture?

FCC indecency proceeding filling up with pro-censorship comments

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Federal Communications Commission’s proceeding on its indecency rules. It’s not looking good, from a First Amendment standpoint. Most of the comments seem to support more censorship. Some background: The FCC has been asking for public feedback on how stringently to enforce its broadcast indecency regulations since the Supreme […]

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What should college and community radio tell the FCC about its indecency rules?

The Federal Communications Commission is asking the public for input on its indecency rules. Last summer the Supreme Court declared the FCC’s sanctions against “fleeting expletives” to be unacceptably vague, largely because the government didn’t give Fox and ABC TV “fair notice” about the relatively new regulations before fining them for various shows. “Regulated parties […]

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