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Game contest

Big radio to FCC: stop making us explain contest rules over the air

The big radio companies are massively dittoing a proposal from Entercom that would relax Federal Communications Commission requirements that radio stations announce the “material” rules of a radio contest over the airwaves. “In today’s fast paced world, Americans expect to instantly access information at their fingertips by merely logging on to a website, conducting a […]

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KDFC Expands Range in SF Bay Area

Classical KDFC Maps Future as Los Gatos Translator Transfers to USC

The ongoing broadcasts of Classical KDFC in the San Francisco Bay Area have been made possible by a complicated series of transactions involving both commercial and non-commercial radio entities. Today the KDFC brand is owned by Classical Public Radio Network (CPRN), although its broadcasts also appear on stations that are owned by University of Southern […]

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KUSF Supporters Protest at Entercom Headquarters

KUSF Supporters Protest at Entercom Headquarters

At a lunch-time protest outside Entercom’s San Francisco offices yesterday, KUSF supporters reminded their foes that the fight regarding the future of college radio station KUSF is far from over. Around 50 protesters gathered outside Entercom’s Third Street studios, voicing concerns about the corporate radio conglomerate’s role in the complicated deal that led to the […]

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The FCC's new 'payola' rules

Four radio giants have agreed to pay the United States government a total $12.5 million dollars to settle an Federal Communications Commission investigation into their “payola” practices—the undisclosed play of music in exchange for cash, gifts, or favors. The FCC says that CBS radio, Entercom Communications, Clear Channel Communications, and Citadel Broadcasting will agree to: […]

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