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LPFM Watch

LPFM Watch: Emergency Permit for LPFM in Texas Flood Area, WJJA-LP Donates License, and More News

There continues to be a slow trickle of newly granted low power FM (LPFM) construction permits this month, with 5 more granted this week. Additionally, a few applications were dismissed, including Greater Broadcasting Network, Inc. (Duncanville, Texas) and Iglesia Pentecostes del Principe de Paz (Grand Prairie, Texas). Also, a LPFM that is still fundraising in […]

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Is Radio Shirking its Public Service Duty During Disasters?

The horrific devastation in Oklahoma following yesterday’s tornado reminds me once again about the importance of terrestrial radio during disasters. Today, as I read through tornado preparedness literature, it was clear that radio communication is vital during and after severe weather events. A safety publication (PDF) from University of Oklahoma not only recommends that everyone […]

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Happy holidays: here's an emergency radio

Happy holidays: here’s an emergency radio

I live in San Francisco, where we have big nasty earthquakes. You may live in New York City or New Jersey or Texas, where you have truly scary hurricanes. Chances are that wherever you dwell, some planetary upheaval happens every now and then. That’s why you need an emergency AM/FM radio. The holiday season is […]

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Big market radio stations “unwilling and unable” to handle disasters?

Here’s some interesting fare for discussion as the Federal Communications Commission prepares to test its Emergency Alert System on Wednesday.  Radio stations in big markets know that they’re responsible for disaster assistance, a new study observes, but are sometimes reluctant to coordinate with public officials. They may also assume that neighboring stations serving smaller areas […]

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Haiti Quake Report Cites Radio as the "Undisputed Lifeline for the Haitian Public"

Haiti Quake Report Cites Radio as the “Undisputed Lifeline for the Haitian Public”

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, which killed over 200,000 people and left a million homeless. At the time of the quake it became clear that radio was a vital resource for Haitian citizens, as it was often the communication tool used to find survivors and to […]

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Radio as Hero in Post-Quake Haiti

Radio as Hero in Post-Quake Haiti

In the aftermath of the devastating January 12th earthquake in Haiti, radio has played an important role in terms of keeping lines of communication open. A fascinating radio story on All Things Considered yesterday profiles one Haitian radio station, Signal FM 90.5, that has continued to broadcast after the quake hit. As way of background, […]

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