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Educational Radio: An Interview with Brian Gregory

Brian Gregory currently works as an academic technologist at Pace University where he collaborates with faculty, students, staff, and the Pace community in order to implement educational technologies in ways that promote active and engaged learning. I recently asked Brian a few questions about his research in educational broadcasting and the ways in which he […]

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College Radio's Hidden History

College Radio's Hidden History Widgets In light of the 70th anniversary of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s (IBS) annual conference last weekend, it’s a good time to reflect on the college radio pioneers who rarely get mentioned in radio history discussions. My fascination with the early days of college radio began when I started diving into the history of […]

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College Radio Barely Present Amid New "Educational Radio" Licenses

College Radio Barely Present Amid New "Educational Radio" Licenses

It was some pretty exciting news from the FCC on Tuesday, when they announced the list of 59 organizations who won the non-commercial educational radio license lottery. Although I was thrilled for some of the winners, as a college radio observer, I was saddened and surprised to see that very few colleges or educational institutions […]

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source: USAID

Radio factoid: educational broadcasting is pulling the weight when it comes to full power station growth

A look at radio licensing trends in the United States over the last five years shows an interesting pattern. While the number of commercial AM and FM full power licenses has declined or remained flat, there’s been a big expansion in educational FM stations. Lets’ review the stats in QA form. Q. How many Federal […]

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