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Podcast 38 feature image - survey says

Podcast #38 – Survey Says: Stations Must Be on the Internet & YouTube

The annual Infinite Dial survey of American listening habits is out. Paul and Eric analyze the results and what they indicate for community and college radio and podcasting. In particular, Paul argues that declining radio ownership and young people’s affinity for YouTube mean stations absolutely must broadcast online and should use video. He asks: Are […]

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Podcast Survivor

Podcasting News: Podcast Listeners Listen More, Cons for Podcasters

Edison Research released some early results from its updated fall 2014 Share of Ear survey of American listening habits. The big news is that podcast listeners now listen to more podcasts than any other kind of audio, which represents a significant change just from the spring report. The average podcast listener spends six hours and […]

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Podcast Survivor

Podcasting News: Report Says Podcasting Is Bigger than You Think

Last week Edison Research highlighted some data from its Share of Ear study which indicates that “podcasting is bigger than you think.” Although the Share of Ear study shows that podcasting only represents 2% of all audio listening in the US, those who do consume podcasts are “super listeners” who listen to more audio overall. […]

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How often do you hear tweets mentioned in other media?

Is Twitter a radio station?

Perhaps inspired by its new report indicating that almost one in five Americans have listened to Internet radio in their cars, the Edison research group has a new revelation: Twitter is a form of broadcasting. Upon what evidence is this thesis based? The responses to a survey question that the outfit put to a sample […]

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Breaking the auto barrier: almost one in five Americans get Internet radio in cars

Breaking the auto barrier: almost one in five Americans get Internet radio in cars

Edison Research/Arbitron’s anticipated study on online radio is out, and it suggests that a significant barrier on Internet radio listening may be broken soon. According to the survey, seventeen percent of mobile phone owners have streamed online radio in their automobiles by jacking a handheld into their car radio receiver device. That’s a fifty percent […]

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Bean counting

FCC: Internet doesn’t count for local radio ownership rules (but should it?)

Despite heavy lobbying from Clear Channel and its allies, the Federal Communications Commission proposes retaining its current ownership rules for commercial AM and FM radio stations. Here is a quick refresher course on the local radio rules. They allow any entity to buy as many AM/FM signals as its wants, nationally, with these restrictions in […]

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