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FM in Norway Isn’t Dead, Says Norwegian Local Radio Association

Reports of FM’s death in Norway are premature. That’s according to the Norwegian Local Radio Association (NLF – Norse Lokalradio Forbund in Norwegian) which sent us a press release saying that 200 local commercial and community radio stations outside the country’s four largest cities will continue broadcasting in analog. Waves were made in the international […]

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Radio revenue up in 2012, especially on digital platforms

The commercial radio business is looking stronger, especially on digital platforms. Terrestrial and digital radio revenue went up in 2012, with 4th quarter revenues surging even more. That’s according to a report from the Radio Advertising Bureau. Revenue from commercial spots inched up 1% for the year overall, but increased 4% in the 4th quarter, […]

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The decade's most important radio trends #6: HD Radio launches, but who listens? Who cares?

The decade's most important radio trends #6: HD Radio launches, but who listens? Who cares?

June 12, 2009 is a day that will live on in broadcast history. That’s the day that the nation’s television broadcasters switched off their analog signals and went all-digital forever more. But does anyone remember January 7, 2003? That was the date of the very first digital HD Radio broadcast, originating at Detroit FM station […]

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Ideas and Lamentations for Channel 6

Following up on last week’s post about LPTV stations on channel 6 effectively turning into radio broadcasters I’ve been researching the topic a bit more. Turns out that full-power TV stations had the option to stay on channel 6 in their transition to digital, as I learned from this April article in TV Technology. Although […]

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