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Radio Survivor Podcast #15: Retiring Rendered

This episode is a must-listen for podcast producers, anyone thinking of launching a podcast, or folks who just plain love podcasts. Julie Sabatier is a radio and podcast producer who recently decided to retire her successful and beloved podcast Rendered. Julie shares her nine-year journey into independent podcast production, and the many lessons she learned […]

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The ‘Destination DIY’ Podcast Is Now ‘Rendered’

Portland-based podcaster Julie Sabatier has been producing the Destination DIY podcast for going on five years. The show highlights people and groups who are doing all sorts of things themselves, from making music to butchering meat. I first talked with Sabatier in November 2013, when she was conducting a crowdfunding campaign to cover monthly production […]

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Podcasting News: LA Podfest Recap, WashPo & FastCo on Podcast Profits

It’s been a busy week in podcasting news. Late last week saw two articles in major publications about the profitability of podcasting, and then the weekend brought the Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Finally, Tuesday, September 30, was National Podcast Day. Did you listen to your favorite podcasts? LA Podfest Recap Last weekend I was lucky […]

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Podcast Survivor: Crowdfunding Destination DIY

Podcasters looking to fund their productions are looking to a variety of methods to raise money. As I discussed Tuesday, many podcasts are taking on advertisers. Another tact gaining prominence is crowd-funding. Podcaster Roman Mars turned heads last year when his Kickstarter raised more than $170,000–more than 4 times his goal–to fund season three of […]

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