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radio history and radio's spectral qualities

The Death Spiral of AM Talk Radio

Darryl Parks is the former corporate brand manager for Clear Channel talk stations and was program director for Cincinnati news/talk WLW-AM. Now independent, Parks keeps a blog where he recently has trained his sights on his old business. A couple of weeks ago he dissected the plummeting ratings across the mostly-conservative AM talk radio format. […]

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Bloomberg upgrades radio to cockroach status

Cockroaches have been around for about 280 million years, a longevity record that has inspired Bloomberg to compare radio to the species. “Radio has survived everything,” this Bloomberg news video notes, “from eight tracks to iTunes, and so far, an onslaught of streaming music startups.” The piece cites industry claims that 92 percent of Americans […]

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Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman

Clear Channel Says Radio Hosts are Vital, Too Bad It Fired Most of Them

“I think radio did a very poor job of marketing itself, and everybody started talking all about the shiny new things.” That’s Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman explaining why radio lost much of its public mindshare at Adweek’s Power of Personality event. Sure, that claim is plausible to someone who hasn’t been listening to radio […]

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Clear Channel: let AM stations go all digital on a voluntary basis

Clear Channel Communications has posted its response to the Federal Communications Commission’s proceeding on AM radio revitalization. The radio giant has many recommendations, among them the suggestion that the FCC should permit all digital AM operations “on a voluntary basis.” “As more HD receivers are installed in vehicles and more consumer digital receivers are purchased, […]

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FCC Logo

FCC withdraws media ownership proposal, for now

It appears that the Federal Communications Commission has tabled proposed rules changes that would make it easier for companies to own more media in big market areas. The nixed-for-now measures flow from the FCC’s December 2011 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which would have allowed some acquisition of additional television or AM/FM radio outlets, especially by […]

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Internet and satellite audience numbers indicate that people still love radio

The Radio and Internet Newsletter covers Triton Digital’s online radio listening metrics for May, noting that growth is flat, in keeping with an expected “summer slow-down.” Pandora continues to lead the market by a wide margin, with more than 1.4 million average active listening sessions, and 1.5 billion session starts from 6 AM to midnight. […]

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