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Podcast #27: Public Radio Bid for UNLV Station, Rdio Shutdown & Net Neutrality

College Radio correspondent Jennifer Waits joins Paul and Eric to examine Nevada Public Radio’s bid to take over programming on UNLV’s radio station. They also look at bankruptcy, acquisition, and shutdown of the streaming music service Rdio, and what that has to do with terrestrial stations. Then Paul discusses why the Appeals Court hearing on […]

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Cat in violin case.

Can community radio save classical radio?

The cause of classical radio may be waning for some, but not for Brenda Barnes, President of Classical California, which runs classical public radio stations KUSC-FM in Southern California and KDFC-FM in San Francisco. Writing in Current, Barnes takes exception to non-commercial radio blogger Ken Mills’ warning that classical radio has reached an ominous “tipping […]

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8tracks: ten fine classical music mixes

If you are a classical music lover, offers many great playlists. They are perfect for inspiration and/or background for study. Here are some recommendations: evening: an excellent piano oriented mix. Lots of Chopin and French impressionist music. It is 47 minutes long and has eleven tracks, including a nice improvisation on Satie’s Gynopedie. The […]

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Classical broadcasts as bug spray for teenagers

Community Digital News has discovered that a McDonald’s in Australia is streaming classical music and opera outside its digs to discourage youngsters from loitering around the premises. Apparently the fast food store manager tried Barry Manilow, but Beethoven and Puccini really keeps the juvies out. “We play a range of classical and opera music and […]

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Are you ready for the Lang Lang classical music app challenge?

Classical pianist Lang Lang has called for classical music lovers and developers to come up with a new mobile application for listening to classical music. “Participants in the Competition must present an application concept for mobile devices (Telephone, Tablet, etc.), to bring classical music to users in an original and attractive manner,” the Terms and […]

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Classical segregator or savior? The case for Q2, WQXR’s online “living composers” channel

Hallowed New York City classical radio station WQXR’s “Q2” channel is now well over three years old. I am a big fan of the service. It is one of the few places in the classical music radiosphere in the United States where you can consistently listen to a high quality stream of contemporary classical music […]

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NPR station music format trends; source: National Public Radio

Classical, jazz, and world music on public radio declined by up to 30% over last decade

A survey of 505 public radio stations from 2001 through 2010 indicates that a fifth of them abandoned classical music formats during those years. Many also let go of jazz, and even more discarded world music during the same time period. The statistics were submitted to the Federal Communications Commission by National Public Radio in […]

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