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high school radio station KSFH's former studio

FCC Approves St. Francis High School Radio Station’s Assignment to Mountain View Public Broadcasting – Is this the End of 87.9 FM?

In late 2014, St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California submitted paperwork to sell its KSFH-FM license to Mountain View Public Broadcasting. The assignment of the 87.9 FM non-commercial class D high school radio license (a rarity, as there are only a few licensed radio stations on 87.9 FM) was just approved by the […]

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MeTV enters Chicago’s FM Back Door at 87.7 FM

Channel surfing on cable or over-the-air TV you may have come across Bewitched, Columbo or other “classic” re-runs on a station that calls itself MeTV. This successful Chicago-based upstart network that airs its nostalgic programming on digital television subchannels across the country is dipping its toes into the radio pool. Today MeTV parent company Weigel […]

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Channel 6 "radio" stations could be silent by 2012

Channel 6 “radio” stations could be silent by 2012

Currently the FCC is accepting comments on a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the low-power television service [PDF]. Unlike full-power TV, LPTV is still analog. Now the FCC is considering a timeline for closing that gap. The fact that LPTV is still analog is why some stations on channel 6 have been able effectively […]

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FCC Commissioner Clyburn Suggests Channels 5 & 6 for Radio

FCC Commissioner Clyburn Suggests Channels 5 & 6 for Radio

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters just wrapped up its annual conference this past weekend in St. Paul, MN. The NFCB has been a true anchor in the community radio movement, both supporting individual stations and advocating on their behalf in DC. This year the FCC actually graced the conference, with Commissioner Mingon Clyburn giving […]

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