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UK radio finds itself under indecency crackdown

UK radio finds itself under indecency crackdown

Britain’s Ofcom, the closest equivalent of the FCC in the United States, will attempt to implement something that’s eluded it’s American counterpart for years: provide language- and context-specific examples of what can and cannot be broadcast over the UK’s airwaves.   The new crackdown from the government-approved (although not government-run) Office of Communications specifically targets […]

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The FCC's new 'payola' rules

Four radio giants have agreed to pay the United States government a total $12.5 million dollars to settle an Federal Communications Commission investigation into their “payola” practices—the undisclosed play of music in exchange for cash, gifts, or favors. The FCC says that CBS radio, Entercom Communications, Clear Channel Communications, and Citadel Broadcasting will agree to: […]

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