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Digital Watch: Is the New Apple TV Your Next Internet Radio? Is HD Radio Adoption Like Color TV’s 50 Years Ago?

Apple held its perennial fall unveiling today, and amongst the updated products on display were a new, bigger iPad Pro and a fresh Apple TV. Of course, you can listen to internet radio on an iPad, though I don’t see how the iPad Pro will be any better for that application than any other model. […]

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CBS Radio Proves Me Wrong with its Play.It Podcast Network

Getting into the prediction game is always risky. Sure, hundreds of political pundits make their living forecasting elections, seemingly blithe to actual outcomes. But I’d prefer not to be wrong this quickly. Early this morning I published this week’s Podcast Survivor feature, focused on my predictions for podcasting in 2015. Quite confidently, and without much […]

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Veteran shock jock Tom Leykis bets on internet radio for a third year

I’m always interested in learning more about broadcast programs and personalities that made the transition to being online-only. So when a representative for veteran talk show host Tom Leykis contacted me about an interview my curiosity was piqued. I wanted to learn how a highly rated and well compensated host who broadcasted in the nation’s […]

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Chicago's WXRT celebrates 40 years serving up an increasingly rare format

Chicago’s WXRT celebrates 40 years serving up an increasingly rare format

It’s an increasingly rare thing to find a station that has maintained its format (and call letters) for more than a decade, nevermind 40 years. This week Chicago commercial rock station WXRT begins celebrating its fortieth year on air with something called “40 years in 40 days.” Starting Monday, each day the station is highlighting […]

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Internet radio rankings show Pandora's #1 but broadcast is #2

Internet radio rankings show Pandora’s #1 but broadcast is #2

I’ve been enjoying Jennifer Lane’s Audio4cast blog because she cuts through the growing avalanche of stories and fluffed up press releases to highlight just a handful of important news items in the internet radio world each week. She recently wrote about Triton Digital’s top 20 US streaming audio rankings for May, observing that Clear Channel’s […]

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Radio Survivor’s Top 5 Commercial Radio Stations: #2 Chicago's WXRT

I’ve only lived in Chicago for two years, but I’ve been listening to WXRT in brief spurts for the last sixteen years when visiting the city. Living in the Central Illinois college towns of Champaign-Urbana, I’d often heard about WXRT from friends and acquaintances from the Chicago area. Inevitably it was the one station that […]

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