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Podcsast #96 - Smart Speakers and Community Radio

Podcast #96 – Are Smart Speakers Smart for Community Radio?

Amazon Echo. Google Home. And soon, Apple’s HomePod. Smart speakers are quickly taking up residence in homes. Taking voice commands to deliver news, weather, music and more, they play a very radio-like role in people’s daily routine. Radio journalist Brian Edwards-Tiekert joins to explain what these speakers can do, what they can’t, and what the […]

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Met Radio board. Photo: J. Waits

Podcast #64 How to do News and Public Affairs

“The best way to cultivate a sensibility of what makes for a good [radio] interview is to pre-tape your interviews and set aside large amounts of time to edit them down to half the length they start at. Because it makes you think really critically about where the wasted language is in that interview, when […]

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KPFA logo

KPFA morning schedule gets new makeover

It has been about eighteen months since Pacifica listener supported station KPFA (Berkeley, CA) dumped its Morning Show for a volunteer lineup called the “Morning Mix.” The move was very controversial and personally disappointing. Thus I was happy to see this press release (below) announcing a new show for the station’s seven AM slot, “Up […]

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What I would do to Save KPFA, by Brian Edwards-Tiekert

Following former Pacifica National board member Carol Spooner’s commentary on what’s going on at KPFA, station programmer Brian Edwards-Tiekert contacted me, asking that I publish his perspective on the station. Edwards-Tiekert is a former staff representative to the KPFA Local Station Board, and was the co-host of KPFA’s Morning Show until Pacifica Executive Director Arlene […]

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