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The BBC Radio 1 School of YouTube

Before we get to YouTube issues, Radio Survivor contributor Ann Alquist has stirred up quite a discussion here with her post titled Why community radio stations don’t need News Directors. Bottom line: there are lots of digital partnership strategies for producing news and public affairs that don’t require your station to invest in some kind […]

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Weird but good holiday radio stuff

Here we are in the middle of the Holiday season, and here’s some of the stuff coming through my RSS reader: WFMU Manager Ken Freedman has released his favorite gifs of the year image map. Looks like you have to go to his blog to access the image linking dots. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas from the […]

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UK radio finds itself under indecency crackdown

UK radio finds itself under indecency crackdown

Britain’s Ofcom, the closest equivalent of the FCC in the United States, will attempt to implement something that’s eluded it’s American counterpart for years: provide language- and context-specific examples of what can and cannot be broadcast over the UK’s airwaves.   The new crackdown from the government-approved (although not government-run) Office of Communications specifically targets […]

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